Playing Bingo with Nursing Home Residents

Story by Dub Norrid
The first Tuesday of every month you can find our club members at the Park Manor Nursing Home of McKinney calling Bingo for the residents. We have been providing Bingo nights for over fifteen years. Volunteers from our club assist the residents that need help playing their cards.
Kiwanis Club volunteers call the games and check all bingos. Each bingo is awarded with a one-dollar coin provided by the Kiwanis Club. Often, club members will bring holiday-themed gifts, crafts such as birdhouses, and goodies like home-baked cupcakes and valentine candy to brighten the residents' day. Residents of Park Manor look forward to the Bingo evenings and are quite excited when they get bingo.
The “Regular Bingo Volunteers”, as they have dubbed themselves, meet prior to the bingo games for dinner and visitation, and then proceed to Park Manor Nursing Home. The regular Kiwanis volunteers are: Paula Ator, John and Jan Moore, Dr. Mack Hill, Sandra Williams, Margaret Bush, Joe Sparling, Terry Sanner, Charlie Phillips, and Carroll Maxwell.
Kiwanis member, Paula Ator said, ”What a pleasure it is each month to play bingo with the residents of Park Manor. They have great stories to tell about where and when they grew up. The residents of Park Manor are the generation that went through both the depression and World War II.”


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