To join Kiwanis, call our club secretary, Sandra Williams at 972-658-5018 or email her at You can also attend any of our weekly club meetings and introduce yourself to any member. We would love to see you there!
Benefits of Membership
1. Enjoy being a part of the McKinney Charity Community.
Members of the McKinney Kiwanis Club work with and support McKinney area schools and charities either financially and/or with volunteer work.
We partner with:
Meals-On-Wheels, Community Lifeline, Community Food Pantry, Salvation Army, Collin County Boys and Girls Clubs, McKinney Independent School District, McKinney Police Education, City of McKinney. Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), MaineGait Horse Therapy, Collin County Children’s and Community Health Clinic, Challenge Air, Handicap Ramps Program, Habitat for Humanity and many other service organizations.
2. Volunteer when you have the time.
Members volunteer for projects when they have time to work on them. The club commits to the project, so individuals do not need to commit large amounts of time to one project.
3. Develop relationships.
Develop relationships with other people who want to volunteer and contribute to the McKinney community. All members of the McKinney Kiwanis Club are required to pass a background check every two years, so only qualified volunteers are members.
4. Lively weekly lunch meetings. The club meets every Thursday for lunch. The meeting is one hour and is always (almost) over at 1:00 pm sharp. During our meetings, lunch is served, current projects are discussed and reviewed and we have an informative program. We would like for you to visit and experience one of our meetings. They can get exciting at times.
5. Fund-Raising Projects.
In addition to helping the Salvation Army raise money through bell-ringing during the holidays,the club holds four fund-raising projects each year : the Shooting for the Future sporting clays event, a BBQ Dinner and silent auction, a Pancake Breakfast and a Triathlon. (All club members work as a team on these projects.) 100% of the net proceeds from these events is either given as a donation to local charities or used to support our scholarship and school programs.
6. Social events.
The club hosts several social events per year including the Annual Awards Banquet, Cigar Social, Christmas party and a Family Fish Fry or Outdoor BBQ.
7. Opportunity to serve as a club officer.
Club Dues and Fees
Kiwanis International dues $52.00 per year
Magazine $ 8.00 per year (Honorary member only pays for magazine, no new member fee or dues)
Insurance $17.00 per year ($13 General Liability & $4 Director & Officers Liability)
Total: $77.00 for Kiwanis International
Texas/Oklahoma District dues $23.00 per year
Media $ 3.50 per year
Total: $26.50 for Texas/Oklahoma District
Our local chapter also charges a one-time $10 installation fee for new members and a $45 per month membership fee, which helps cover the cost of our lunch meetings.
The club will collect the first year's Kiwanis International and Tx/Ok District fees, the one-time Installation fee, and the first month's club dues when a member joins.  The total of all fees and dues collected is $155.50.
A fee of $5.80 is collected to pay for a background check on each individual who wishes to join Kiwanis. The background check is necessary to ensure the safety of the children we work with. To further ensure the children's safety, a background check is performed once every two years on every member.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I join Kiwanis?
Answer: You should join Kiwanis because Kiwanians involve themselves in needs in the community that would not be met if someone did not stand up and take the time to do it. If you want to get involved we have many opportunities for you to share your talents and to do it with a group of people whose enthusiasm is contagious. You will do more and enjoy it more if you do it with a group of persons with similar interests.
2. How much time does it take?
Answer: You can spend as much or as little time as you wish to devote. Once you see what we do and the joy in the accomplishment you will want to do more.
3. How much does it cost to join?
Answer: In addition to a one-time $10 installation fee, there is an annual fee of $88.50 for Kiwanis International plus $45 per month for our club's dues. The annual fee and installation fee are collected when you join. In addition, there is a fee of $7.50 to pay for a background check.
4. Are we permitted to promote our business or make business contacts at club functions?
Answer: There are no bylaws prohibiting members from professional networking. If someone asks what business you're in and that leads to a conversation about your business, that is fine. But Kiwanis is not set up to promote the business interests or political campaigns of its members. We are a service organization first and foremost and we ask you to keep that in mind.
If you wish to actively promote your business through your involvement with Kiwanis, we ask you to do so by sponsoring one or more of our fundraising activities. Advertising through a Kiwanis Club fundraiser sponsorship will give your business plenty of exposure to our members and provide a powerful statement of your desire to be a positive force in the community.
5. How are my dues used?
Answer: The dues are used for the meals, the yearly dues to international and District, the room rental for the meeting, and miscellaneous expenses of running the club.
6. Approximately what percentage of the club's donations and event profits are spent on club overhead?
Answer: None. All net proceeds and donations received by the Kiwanis Club of McKinney are spent on the various charities and community programs we support. One hundred percent! We do not spend these funds on our own social events, club meetings, travel & entertainment, website maintenance, club member salaries, etc.
7. Are my donations or dues tax deductible?
Answer: Kiwanis International Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Dues are primarily used to pay for the luncheons, so they are not tax deductible. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. We encourage you to consult your tax advisor and possibly your attorney in making philanthropic decisions.
8. How do I join?
Answer: Come to any of our meetings and introduce yourself to any member. You may also contact our club secretary, Sandra Williams, at 972-658-5018 or

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