Regular Event Schedule

Wheelchair Ramp Module Builds:
3rd Thurs. of each month
Meals on Wheels:
Every Wed and Thur at 10:30
Division Council Meeting:
1st Sat. of each month
1st Tues. of each month
Board Meeting:
2nd Mon. of each month   

Meeting Programs

May 11: Club Annual Meeting - Elections
May 18: Samaritan Inn
If you have suggestions for a program, please don’t hesitate to contact Lulie Lichter.

Upcoming Events

May 15: Magic Mike at Caldwell
May 18: Halos Special Needs T-Ball
May 21: Rough Riders Division Social
May 25: Math Party in the Park for Webb
May 31: Annual Park Palooza at Finch Park
June 15 & 22: Bible School-meet at Spring Creek BBQ
July 13-16: Paris International Convention
Aug 4-6: T/O Convention in Abilene TX

Club Newsletters

The Adobe PDF document reader is required to read the newsletters online. You can download a free copy from:
This is your newsletter. Please submit any page content & ideas by Monday afternoon of each week to Sandra Williams

Clean Up Our Meeting Room

Please clean your own table!
The following members will be responsible for making sure the room is clean and all items put away.
May 11: Sarah J, John Minnis, John Moore
May 18: Angie Bado, Jim Cairo, Henry M.
May 25: Bob Badali, Dennis W, Sandra W
Jun 8: The Coles-Bob, Jared, Ron

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Club & Community News

Club members came together in McKinney on April 15 for our latest ramp build.

Triathlon April 23rd

Great event! Thanks to everyone that helped make it such a huge success.  This was the biggest Tri we have had.

Cigar Social

Last Saturday-thanks to Rob & Cynthia Nelson for opening their home for a fun evening.  We got lucky with the weather. Thanks to everyone that brought a guest.

Buying something on  Go to Amazon Smiles and under charitable organizations choose McKinney Kiwanis Foundation Inc Then every time you buy something they will donate 0.05% to the club. You only need to do it once!  Thanks
Here’s a link you can use:

Ramp and Module Builds

Module build: May 18th meet at 5:45 in front of Party City, 380 & 75. Leave right at 6:00 pm. All tools are furnished (but bring your own gloves).  OJT, NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED. Contact - Kirk Saxon
Ramp Build April 15th Thanks to some new help, Shannon invited her friend and her 2 boys, Julie Lichter and her husband biked by to lend a hand, and Dub and Liz stopped by with donuts for the crew. Also thanks to Dennis, Bob Cole, John Moore, Shannon, Jim Hudson, Jim Cairo, Margaret Harsh, Shane and Grace, and Shelia and Kirk. Contact: Kirk Saxon

Division Council Meeting

May 6th 9-10am Canyon Creek Presbyterian Church, Room 102
3901 North Star Road Richardson, Texas
Prayer – Allen, Pledge - Pleasant Grove, Raffle Item - White Rock
We are going to have the Division Sophomore of the Year, Roger Davis-Jahnel, visiting to accept his honor and Blair Ritchey from the International Student Foundation coming to speak about his special organization.

Club Officer Elections

If you would like to serve on the board of directors please contact Michelle or Bill Rosnett. We need to replace two directors with terms of 3 years.  We also need a Vice President.  This member would become President in two years. Elections will be at the May 11th meeting.

Membership Drive

April 6 – May 25
There are 3 teams. The competition has begun. In the lead is Jerimiah Hammer
Rules: 1 point for attending weekly meetings
1 point for bringing in a guest (over 18yrs)
2 points for attending Challenge Air, Triathlon, Cigar Social and Roughriders
15 points for bringing in a new member

Halos Spring T-Ball League

Week #8:    May 10th Weather passed us by and we had a fun evening with the kiddos. Join us next week - Week #8 the for the End of Season Pizza Party:  May 17th *** Pizza by Dennis & Sandra Williams All games are played 6:30 – 7:30 at Town Lake Park, Wilson Creek Softball Complex on the first field on right (yellow).  Plan on coming out next week May 18th would love to have you all out this year to support this great program.  Brian Hazelwood.

Kiwanis Night at the Frisco RoughRiders

Region wide Social for Divisions 2, 1 and 39
Sunday, May 21st 4:05pm Thanks to everyone that signed up.  Sandra has gotten the tickets. Rob reports that we should have close to 100 Kiwanian families at the game! Fun! Any questions call Rob or Sandra

McKinney Education Foundation

Our club gives two $2000 and a $250 “Sophomore of the Year” scholarships each year.  It is our goal to build up enough funds in MEF to cover our scholarships each year without taking from our budget Remember you can brag about birthdays and anniversaries and put that money toward MEF. Bad News-Good News.  We did not quite meet our goal to receive the matching fund before December 31st. But, the donner was very kind and saw that we were making a good faith effort and matched our funds! So, we now have enough in MEF to fund one $2,000 scholarship each year.
The award ceremony will be Friday May 12th Our President Michelle will be there to give out our two scholarships assisted by Carol Winters.

Kiwanis presents a $8,750 check to Ashley Sine and McKinney Education Foundation
with MISD Superintendent Dr. Rick McDaniel.

Challenge Air Fly Day

Thanks Terry Sanner for heading up this great event. Mike Malone for cooking the hotdogs and Mike Livezey for arranging with the airport.  Great turnout to help serve lunch: John Moore, Duane Landa, John & Paola Lopez, Sara Thomas, Sandra Williams. There to send Jimmy up in the air were Jim and Anne Cairo and Varsh Vartian. Jimmy

Terrific Kids in Three Elementary Schools

Caldwell: Tuesday, May 15th at 8:15 and 8:45 for the Caldwell Magic Shows. Magic Mike will be the Magician Contact: Dub Norrid.
Magic Mike performs his grand finale at the Caldwell end of semester celebration.
Finch: Annual Park Palooza on Wednesday, May 31. It will be held at the Finch Park with starting times of 8:30 AM and 12 Noon. The kids love going to the park to play games and have fun in the splash park. Contact: Bob Cole
Bob Cole, Rob Nelson, and the kids at Finch enjoyed an end of semester celebration on December 15th with many exotic animals from Cathy's Critters.
Webb: The final Webb Math Party in the Park, Wednesday May 24th at 2pm. Reading and Math every Thursday morning. Contact: Jim Smith

Key Clubs


Key Club Split

The Key Club had their District Board Meeting this past weekend. It was decided that the Division would not split.

Boyd: Brandon Herbison. Faculty Advisor: Harriet Bergman
McKinney High: Margaret Harsch, Ashley Sine. Faculty Advisor: Laura Smith
McKinney North:  Payton Brooks & Sarah Jackson. Faculty Advisor: Whitney Williams
Lovejoy: Justin Beller Faculty Advisor: Amanda Beller
Links to the Key Club web pages are listed on our Links page.
If you would like to help with any of these Key Clubs contact Dennis Williams or Rob Nelson.


As of March 23, 2016, the campaign has reached its $110 million goal!!! This includes the Canadian government match and a record $7.5 million raised last weekend during several District Conventions. Saving or protecting 55 million women and babies. Our We were able to raise $62,000 which is even more than the $60,000 we had pledged as a model club. WE DID IT!

Kiwanis and UNICEF joined forces to tackle iodine deficiency disorders, achieving one of the most significant public health successes of the 20th century. Now, they are eliminating MNT from the face of the Earth. And in doing so, the project will reach the poorest, most neglected mothers and babies with additional lifesaving health care. The end of this one disease means the beginning of better health for so many families.
Through the efforts of Kiwanis International and Unicef, Maternal Neonatal Tetanus has been eliminated in all but 21 countries. Kiwanis International has provided a dashboard page with a map of our progress.

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